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Are you well positioned? Four questions to ask yourself.

Why should a business or Brand care about its positioning?  Positioning is the way you want your customers to think about you.  This does not just happen, you have to tell them how you want them to think of you through your communications and your actions.  Clear Brand Positioning is not just marketing- it’s about the business. [...]

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Why won’t McDonald’s run this commercial here?

I love this commercial that McDonald’s ran last year in France. It shows that the McDonald’s brand is open and welcoming to all customers.

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Are you listening?

If you are going to set up a presence on social media, then you need to take the time to mine the data to help build your brand.

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Live your Brand Positioning!

I am a huge believer in clear brand positioning becasue it will provide strategic direction to the entire organization. It lets a Brand know what it stands for, what sets it apart and what place it holds in customer’s minds.

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Brand Simplicity Matters

“According to a new survey by branding consultant Siegel + Gale, U.S. consumers are willing to pay a 4-6% premium for brands they believe offer a greater degree of simplicity (defined as ease of understanding, transparency, caring, innovation and usefulness of communications, as well as interactions in relation to industry peers) over their competitors.”  You can [...]

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Work life balance- a good reminder

No explanation needed Did you like this? Share it:Tweet

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Nike does it again

Nike almost always nails their Brand in the advertising and messaging becasue they truly know their customer, they know how to make that an emotional connection, and they can bring it to life in the ads.

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Don’t Track technology is simple, experts say

If this do not track technology is allowed by the FTC, it will have am impact on marketer’s ability to target online ads to interested buyers.

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Martini & Rossi Returns to U.S. TV After 25 Years

Martini & Rossi Returns to U.S. TV After 25 Years

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Dick’s Embraces Christmas

Dick’s will now be using the word “Christmas”, instead of “Holiday” on its website and in the advertising.

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